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Detection of individual gene changes of the tumor in the blood plasma

What is the SNP MONITOR test?

The test detects single point mutations with high sensitivity in the blood already found in the tumor or a LIQUID BIOPSY. In addition to molecular-genetic analyzes of a tumor biopsy, our LIQUID BIOPSY-based EGFR TARGET and ACTIONABLE TARGET tests are also suitable to analyze a tumor. The test can be used for highly sensitive monitoring of the therapeutic success of a patient’s treatment by determining the concentration of a certain mutation during the course of the therapy.

Who is the SNP MONITOR test for?

The test is suitable for highly sensitive therapy monitoring in patients where a specific mutation has already been found in the tumor.

What does the test do?

The test provides a cost-effective monitoring of the therapeutic success (with high sensitivity) for the examined mutation found in the patient’s tumor. This test may therefore give an early indication of treatment failure. This may prompt your doctor to discuss whether an alternative therapy can be beneficial to your condition, taking into account all other medical findings. The targeted detection of individual mutations, the SNP Monitor test is directed to specific tumor cells that carry this mutation. 

A growth of tumor cells that do not carry the specific mutation targeted by the test is not detected, therefore, an intermediate supplementary testing using our more comprehensive TheraSure-CNI MONITOR test is advisable.

How does the test work?

To monitor the therapy by means of a known tumor mutation, select the appropriate SNP MONITOR test. Alternatively, tumor mutations can first be determined using an ACTIONABLE TARGET or EGFR TARGET test.

For therapy control, it is recommended to take a blood sample before the start of each cycle of your therapy. For recurrence monitoring, we recommend blood sampling during your regular follow-up examinations.

The blood sampling is taken in a special tube, which we send after your order to a doctor of your choice. After we have received the blood sample, the result will be available within about two weeks.

Our laboratory is specialized in the above-described analysis. Our state-of-the-art procedures are subject to constant quality control so that we can guarantee you the best possible quality of testing.

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