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Therapy control under chemo- or immunotherapy Recurrence monitoring after resection

For whom is the TheraSure-CNI MONITOR test suitable?

The TheraSure-CNI MONITOR is suitable for therapy monitoring for patients under chemotherapy or immunotherapy and for monitoring recurrence after tumor resection.

What does the test say?

A determination for the success of the therapy is the evidence of the effectiveness of the treatment in the patient. In studies on patients with 11 different cancers who were undergoing radio, chemo or immunotherapy, changes in the personal CNI value showed that in the absence of a significant decrease in the CNI value or rise in CNI value, the tumor did not respond to the individual therapy.

Also, a tumor can initially respond well to systemic therapy, but develop resistance during the course of therapy. In a study of patients with conventional cytolytic anti-cancer treatment, we showed that the patients experienced an increase in their individual CNI value after 3 months. Even though those same patients had an excellent initial response to therapy. Such an increase in the CNI value was associated with a tumor recurrence in each of the cases.

How does the test work?

Ideally, a sample is taken and examined prior to initiating therapy or resection of the tumor. If this value is increased in comparison to healthy people, then the TheraSure-CNI Monitortest is suitable for the follow-up.

For therapy control, it is recommended to take another blood sample before beginning the second and third cycle of your therapy.

The blood sampling is taken in a special tube, which we send after your order to a doctor of your choice. After we have received the blood sample, the result will be available within about two weeks.

Our laboratory is specialized in the above-described analysis. Our state-of-the-art procedures are subject to constant quality control so that we can guarantee you the best possible quality of testing.

The TheraSure-CNI MONITOR Test can provide evidence of treatment success or failure up to nine weeks before radiographic examination results.

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