Gastrointestinale Tumor

Malignant tumor cells, in contrast to healthy body cells have the property to divide uncontrollably. This leads to a growth of the tumor in which sometimes other organs are displaced or the malignant cells even grow into them. This excessive growth leads to a characteristic peculiarity of malignant cells: The division of healthy body cells regularly leads to errors in the reproduction of the genome, which are, however, quickly detected and cured by natural repair processes. The situation is different with tumor cells: uncontrolled growth leads to significantly more genetic changes. As a result, the body's own repair systems reach their limits and no longer manage to repair such damage. For this reason, differences in the genome of tumor cells and normal cells that can be measured arise.

What exactly does the Test measure up?
The TheraSure CNI Monitor Blood Test measures up the concentration of tumor DNA in the blood plasma.


How is tumor DNA measured?

  • Malignant tumors show numerous genetic changes (genome).
  • This makes tumor DNA distinguishable from the inherited DNA.
  • All tumors have larger sections of the genome, that
    • have been lost
    • are increasingly available
    • Keyword "copy number changes" or aneuploidy
  • The test uses these changes to distinguish normal DNA from tumor DNA, quantifying the circulating amount of tumor DNA.
  • Since almost all tumors have so-called aneuploidies, the test is universally applicable.
  • The technique is extremely sensitive and can already detect about 0.5% of tumor DNA in the blood plasma.
  • The procedure is accredited for medical diagnostics in the laboratory of amedes and is carried out with the known quality standards.

Das Verfahren ist für die medizinische Diagnostik in dem Labor von amedes akkreditiert und wird mit den bekannten Qualitätsstandards durchgeführt.