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You have ovarian cancer

You have been diagnosed with a malignant ovarian tumor - you are suffering from ovarian cancer.

The diagnosis of a malignant ovarian tumor is a major physical and psychological challenge for each patient.
Amedes can accompany patients affected on their way with various innovative testing procedures and make an important contribution to the successful selection of therapies.

Within about 10% of all ovarian cancer patients a disease-causing gene can be detected. In this case, one speaks of hereditary ovarian cancer.
We can determine if there is a hereditary form of ovarian cancer by examining the genetic material. The special thing here is that we only need a simple blood sample for the examination. An additional tissue removal from the tumor is not necessary. This test is important because in a positive case e.g. even the risk of breast cancer can be increased.
Please be advised in detail in our genetic consultation.

We can test in affected individuals, if a genetic predisposition for the development of breast and ovarian cancer is present!

The costs for this investigation are borne by the health insurance companies.

But that's not all
what we can examine in a blood sample!

TheraSure CNI-Monitor

In the course of the therapy, we can judge the success of the treatment, regardless of the medicine you are taking.
The TheraSure-CNI Monitor Blood Test is suitable for therapy monitoring for patients undergoing chemotherapy or immunotherapy and for monitoring recurrence after tumor resection. The effectiveness of drug therapies can be assessed with the help of the test after a few doses, so that, for example, in case of non-response, a switch to an alternative preparation is possible. Patients can be spared a possibly ineffective but side effect-rich therapy. Following successful tumor therapy, the TheraSure-CNI Monitor Blood Test can be used to monitor the recurrence during follow-up visits. Again, we only need blood samples.