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Cell-free DNA is often underestimated in the complexity of analysis because of a lack of adequate knowledge of the specific characteristics of cell-free DNA. We have performed years of research into the value of understanding cell-free DNA in the treatment of certain diseases. We have done a lot of pioneering work in this field and can therefore offer the best methods of "Liquid Biopsy".

Diagnostics in cancer (risk patients, therapy monitoring/decisions) and modern aftercare after organ transplants are our main focuses. We offer diagnostics for which there is sufficient scientific evidence that the results can be interpreted meaningfully and integrated into medical decisions for the benefit of the patient.


We are offering innovative diagnostics, which is now possible through analyzing cell-free DNA in the medical fields cancer and transplantation and we offer these tests to patients in a professional and highly skilled laboratory.


We were the first scientific group to apply the modern methods of high-throughput sequencing to plasma and were the first to prove their use in breast cancer. Our development in the field of transplantation aftercare with cell-free DNA has received numerous scientific accolades and has been proven in many publications. The latest contribution to our success story is provided by a published study demonstrating the benefits of our therapy monitoring technology for novel cancer therapies.


The well-being of the patient is at the center of our medical practice. That is why we place the highest possible scrutiny on our diagnostics, both in terms of quality and informative value.


Liquid Biopsy Center has a mission statement to provide the best possible patient care through the use of innovation and also maintaining the highest quality medical and laboratory standards. Providing quality information for doctors and patients to make better treatment decisions and improve patient outcomes is our focus.


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